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Worst neck pain Why? Ever thought about it?

since the disguise we have been facing since 2020 we have somehow become bestfriends of gadgets either its laptop for work, phone for liesure or even a television.we all have gone through a point where we feel discomfort or even pain around the neck .there is no doubt it may be our friends’s influence i.e laptop,mobile phone,televison. neck pain in students studying continuous for long hours have been the most often complain or people working for hours on computers .It has effected the efficiency of thier study or work.

Is this your condition?

this may be your condition after using gadgets for hours.This may be due to :

  • Stiffnes of neck Muscle.
  • Due to bad posture that results in kyphosis ( most common).
  • Muscle spasm.
  • Cervical spine disc buldge.
  • Cervical Spondylitis.

these all contributes to neck pain and if left untreated or ignored they may advance to symptoms in hands and fingers as well .tingling sensation in fingers or pain around the wrist can be the most common complications.Bad posture includes faulty position of pillow,while using phone and even work table .


While working for hours one should take a break and strecth arms,neck and relaxed head movememts due to this muscles are relaxed and Tightness in muscles is prevented even after working for hours. This is helful for people working in office or home on computers.

Bad posture while using the phone is leading reason in adults for kyphosis and round shoulder.Sleeping on wrong position ,matress and pillows are the main reason for the neck postural pain .A firm mattress and pillow supporting the lower and neck shoulders are helpful here. Pillows of appropriate height and lenght should be used.Work desk and shoulder should be of appropriate hieght such that your hands relaxes on table and the screen should be on appropriate height and distance from head. Ergonomics plays a major role in working place.

Sometime Chronic neck pain can be due to cervical disc buldge and it can creat numbness and burning sensation in hands and finger as the nerve supply of this area is effected because of nerve compression in cervical spine region.

If left untreated condition become worse .Many Doctors suggests Physiotherapy for treatment.


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