Gym Rats

Despite what many might think, choosing a gym is not as easy as choosing whether to wear a blue tie or a red tie, whether to tie your hair or leave it flowing.
There are people whose lives have been changed both for the better and also for worse just because of the choice of gym that they made. Ladies, the biggest mistake you can make is to choose a gym just because its washrooms are pink and it plays nice music. For guys, just because the gym has that huge expensive piece of equipment you saw on TV, doesn’t mean that it is the gym for you. Here are some of the very important aspects to consider when you’re scouting for a good gym in brownsville.

1. Location

The first thing you should look at is the location. You can get a good affordable gym that in the long run becomes too expensive because of the amount of fuel your car uses to get you there and then take you back home. What you need to ask yourself is what time you’ll be working out and for how long. If you want to pass by the gym before you get home then you need the gym to be as close to your house as possible. Believe me it’s not a funny thing to drive for nearly a whole hour to your house after hitting the gym. You may just fall asleep on the wheel or just decide to skip the gym all together. On the other hand, if you want to work out during your lunch break, then the gym should be in the next building if not where you work. Weekends are great for working out especially if the gym is near your house, you still feel like your right at home.

2. Equipment

The gym must have all the equipment you need both now in future when you decide that you want to diversify. You are paying for the services; this gives you the right to any piece of equipment even if just to satisfy your curiosity. The gym should not only have the equipment but they should be serviced regularly and should be maintained in top condition. You don’t want a weight falling on your foot just because a bolt came loose!

Talking of falling weights, the third thing you should consider is the safety of the gym.

3. Safety Precautions And Measures

You may enter the gym hoping to leave there with a six-pack and instead leave there with a broken rib! There are many freak accidents that can happen in a gym that doesn’t do much to avoid them. Ensure that the gym has set up safety precautions not just in writing but also in practice.


You know better than anyone else the amount of cash you can spare to sign up for a gym. The gym should be within what you can spend. You want to loose weight not your house! Stay within your budget limits. There are many gyms that are high quality and yet affordable.